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Compacting rollers

Perfect for pelletizing powders due to the low adhesion capacity

Components for compressors

Shorter response times due to lightweight belly character

Components for powder technology

Efficient powder processing through ceramic components

Components for sensor technology

Tailor-made properties for a wide range of applications

Components for valves and fittings

Ceramic valves and fittings for smooth operation


High temperature and corrosion resistant

Guide rollers

Very strong as well as wear, high temperature and thermal shock resistant

Hollow cylinders (billets) of clear quartz glass

Ideal starting material for the production of rotationally symmetrical quartz glass products

Immersion heating tubes

High strength, high temperature and thermal shock resistance


High dielectric strength combined with very good mechanical strength

Metal-ceramic brazed assemblies

Highly vacuum-tight components for the highest demands

Metering wheels (also as ceramic-metal connection)

Reliable even under extreme conditions

Optical bench

Particularly low coefficient of thermal expansion

Plain bearing components

For contact with corrosive media, abrasive substances or use at high temperatures

Plates for ballistic protection

Up to 50% lighter compared to steel

Plates for wear protection

Lining of components with flat or round or tubular surfaces

Plunger and piston

QSIL manufactures plungers in all common designs.

Precision parts

For a wide range of applications in plant and mechanical engineering

Pump applications and matrices

Low friction with high surface quality

Riser pipes

Ceramic riser pipes enable the conveyance of melts or chemical substances

Rolling and plain bearings

Major advantages over steel bearings

Screw conveyors

Abrasion resistance reduces contamination

Thermoforming dies

Abrasion resistance and low adhesion for forming technology

Tubes for wear protection

Exactly what you need for your line systems.

Wafers / Base plates (MEMS)

High strength and damage tolerance


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