Hollow cylinders (billets) of clear quartz glass.

Ideal for rotationally symmetrical quartz glass products

Thick-walled hollow cylinders (billets) are the ideal starting material for the production of rotationally symmetrical quartz glass products. From the customer’s point of view, this results in significant savings of time and material compared to production from ingot or solid material.

Leading quartz glass manufacturers worldwide use hollow cylinders made of ilmasil® quartz glass for the production of quartz glass components in the semiconductor industry.

For example as:
  • Starting material for profile rings for plasma etching processes
  • Semi-finished product for the production of flanges for process pipes (due to the low OH content, hollow cylinders made of ilmasil® quartz glass are ideally suited for this purpose).
  • Basic material for the production of ring boats and other ring components

This product is available in the following materials:

ilmasil® PI, ilmasil® PL, ilmasil® PN, ilmasil® PQ


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