Quartz and special glass.

Quartz glass is one of the most demanding of all glasses for use in technical applications. The single-component glass consists of pure silicon dioxide. As a starting material for our products, we use granules of natural or artificially produced crystals, which are melted at over 2000 °C to form amorphous quartz glass.


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Quartz glass | clear

One of the most demanding glasses for technical applications made of pure silicon dioxide (SiO2). In the clear variant, an unprecedented combination of thermal, mechanical and optical properties.

Quartz glass | opaque

A homogeneous distribution of microbubbles in our fused silica reduces the optical properties in favor of high-performance shielding of thermal radiation.

Quartz glass | doped

The specific introduction of foreign elements (doping) into our quartz glasses enables the adjustment of special transmission properties.

Special glass

Our patented special glass tubes are manufactured in a cost-efficient one-step process at our site in Winschoten (NL).


Precisely made to measure.

QSIL is a leading international manufacturer of high purity fused quartz and versatile specialty glass products. The worldwide recognition of the quality of our products illustrates the most important yardstick by which we measure ourselves: The appreciation of our customers.

Quartz glass | Hollow cylinders, blocks and plates

Billets are the ideal starting material for the production of ring-shaped quartz glass products. Blocks, plates and round disks are available in clear or opaque quartz glass in many dimensions.

Quartz Glass | Tubes & Rods

Thanks to our highly flexible two-stage production technologies, we can offer quartz glass tubes and rods in adaptable manufacturing dimensions and individual batch sizes.

Quartz glass | Fabrication

In manual and mechanical machining processes, the production of quartz glass products according to the specifications and drawings of our customers is possible from single pieces to series products.

Special glass | Tubes

Our special glass tubes are manufactured in a cost-efficient one-step process at our site in Winschoten (NL).


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