Significantly longer service life for insulators from QSIL.

Ceramic-to-metal solder joints are used as high-performance insulators in various types of feedthroughs (electrical, thermal or fluidic).

26 April 2023 − QSIL will show insulators for X-ray systems, computer tomographs or electron microscopes with charge-dissipating coatings at the Ceramics Expo in Novi/Michigan (USA).

As one of only a handful of companies worldwide, the QSIL Group is able to apply uniform dissipative – i.e. charge-dissipating – high-resistance coatings to metallized ceramics and ceramic-to-metal solder assemblies using a process developed in-house. Used as high-performance insulators in X-ray systems, computer tomographs or electron microscopes in medical, safety and materials technology, they prevent interference and enable operation at higher voltages compared to conventional insulators.

Charge-dissipating coatings exhibit high electrical resistance. This has two decisive advantages: First, they reduce the tendency to form surface charges. Second, they discharge accumulations of cargo in a controlled manner. This increases flashover strength and extends insulator life in high-voltage applications under high vacuum. From the customer’s point of view, this enables operation at higher power and higher resolution.

The surface resistance of the coated insulators can be adjusted by QSIL in the range of 10⁹ to 10¹⁴ ohms, depending on customer requirements. In addition to the applications already mentioned, they can also be used as insulation components in sensors, endoscopes, accelerator sections, high-power lasers or electron beam systems.

QSIL at the Ceramic Applications joint booth

At Ceramics Expo, May 1-3, 2023, in Novi/Michigan, QSIL will showcase the application for the first time at Ceramic Applications’ joint booth 1826 (6). There, competent materials experts will advise trade show visitors on the special properties of the high-performance materials from the QSIL Group’s portfolio and demonstrate specific application possibilities for potential customers.

In addition to the insulators with high-resistance coatings, QSIL has other innovative products and solutions “in the bag” at Ceramics Expo, including, for example, precision components made of non-oxide ceramics. QSIL offers various silicon carbide materials, which score with extremely high hardness and abrasion resistance, corrosion and oxidation resistance as well as their good thermal conductivity, as well as high-performance ceramics made of silicon nitride, which are characterized by high strength, damage tolerance and corrosion resistance.

About QSIL

QSIL, headquartered in Ilmenau, Thuringia, is a leading international specialist for refractory and high-temperature resistant high-performance materials – in particular for high-purity quartz and specialty glass, sophisticated industrial and engineering ceramics, and extremely resistant refractory metals.

Due to its comprehensive materials and technology expertise, the group is able to offer its customers the complete range of high-performance materials for critical solutions in the semiconductor, medical technology, aerospace, mechanical engineering, fiber optics and photonics industries. With over 1,000 employees at production sites inside and outside Germany, QSIL generates annual sales of over 200 million euros. The dynamically growing company is active in more than 50 countries. Customers include major companies from Europe, Asia and America.




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