Glassblowing products.

From the individual item to the series product

In our fabrication quartz glass raw materials are further processed by glassblowing. Manual and mechanical machining processes make it possible to manufacture everything from individual pieces to series products. In close cooperation with our customers we manufacture glassblowing products according to their designs, drawings and wishes. The manufacturing assortment includes:

  • Combustion tubes, distillation apparatus and double jacket vessels
  • Spirals, coils and coolers
  • Vacuum Vessels and Bottles
  • Pressure vessels, funnels and ampoules
  • Fasteners with spherical or conical ground joint
  • Thread, taper valves and plugs

This product is available in the following materials:

ilmasil® PN, ilmasil® PN 215, ilmasil® PN 235, ilmasil® PN 240, ilmasil® PN 310, ilmasil® PN 320, ilmasil® PN 350, ilmasil® PO-0, ilmasil® PO-1, ilmasil® PO-2, ilmasil® PS, QSIL PH 300


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Industry solutions

Our products are the basis for innovative industry solutions.


Our ceramics have special properties that are in demand when analyzing solid or liquid materials.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical processes require components with extreme reliability.

Renewable energies

Silicon nitride ceramics make it possible to design pipelines, ball valves and reactor linings free of contamination and maintenance.

High temperature technology

Ceramic materials defy the extreme demands of high-temperature processes.

Food Technology

Grill and cooking plates and ceramic baking molds for dies, screens, mixers, knives, extruder screws, valves and more.

Mechanical Engineering

Ceramic materials with excellent tribological properties make new solutions possible, e.g. for plain bearings.

Mining & Refining & Metallurgy

Ceramic solutions for metallurgy made of alumina (Al₂O₃) and zirconia (ZrO₂).


Sensors must be highly accurate while withstanding extreme conditions.

Environmental Technology

Ceramic materials enable a safe, emission- and resource-saving process flow.

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