Tips for your application.


Hello progress maker!

Are you interested in working for QSIL? That’s wonderful! Because as a dynamically growing company, we are always happy to have more bright minds and skilled hands. So don’t hesitate to apply. To ensure the success of your application, we would like to share a few “insider tips” with you here.

Tips for your cover letter

Please submit your application materials as completely as possible. This makes you look good – and makes it possible for us to review your application quickly and reliably. Do you want to stand out from the crowd as an applicant? Then send us:

  • A clearly structured curriculum vitae.
  • An indication of your availability.
  • References as well as work and degree certificates (training, further education, studies)
  • A meaningful letter of motivation. Not a must, but the gold standard, so to speak.
  • And not to forget: Your contact details.

Everything there? Very good. Our colleagues from the HR department will contact you in a timely manner.

Tips for your interview

Do we fit together? This can best be found out in a personal conversation. For optimal preparation, we recommend the following:

1. Be informed.

Take the time and inform yourself about our company. This is a way to show interest in your professional environment. Also, the more you know about us, the more relaxed you’ll be going into the interview. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

2. Stay authentic.

You don’t have to act. Just be the best version of yourself. The more authentic, the better. If you get a little excited before or during our conversation, that’s merely human. It is not a problem. We value personable and open-minded employees who want to thrive in our team-oriented work atmosphere.

3. Be curious.

To get to know each other better, there is a magic cure: ask us questions. Then you will find out first-hand who we are and what we deal with. At the same time, you demonstrate your own initiative and signal your professional interest. That’s what we really appreciate in applicants.

4. Show what you can do.

Speak confidently about the experience you have gained in education and on the job. Earn plus points with your personality. We are particularly interested in concrete examples of how you have previously contributed to companies and been able to use your expertise. Convince with your expertise!